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Interstate Tires Programas.

Interstate Touring GT

  • Wide circumferential grooves and deep horizontal sipes minimize susceptibility to aquaplaning
  • The ideal choice for cost-conscious compact and midsize car drivers
  • Outstanding economical performance
  • Improved handling in wet
  • 3D Nano design technology
  • Improved resistance to aquaplaning

Interstate Sport GT

  • The Sport GT is the result of 4 years development and thousands of kilometers of racing and testing.
  • High Performance tyre with outstanding grip
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Low noise at all speeds
  • Outstanding precise handling and directional stability
  • Short braking distances and improved handling in wet conditions

Interstate SUV GT

  • The Interstate SUV GT is a modern All Season tyre for SUV and CUV applications
  • The outer shoulder features and additional noise barrier, reducing drive-by noise levels
  • A unique sidewall construction features increased stiffness that enhances stability during cornering
  • Excellent resistance to aquaplanning


  • The Next generation All Terrain Tyre
  • The All Terrain GT is an aggressive All Terrain tyre for SUV and Pick ups
  • The wide grooves make short work of deflecting water mud and sediment
  • The sharp block edges deliver outstanding traction provides extra sidewall reinforcement

Interstate VAN GT

  • The Interstate VAN GT is a reliable tyre for your commercial needs and provides low cost per kilometer
  • Reinforced casing and bead area to cope with high loads
  • Outstanding handling in both wet and dry conditions
  • Extremely resilient to uneven wear
  • Low drive-by noise

Interstate ECO TOUR PLUS

  • The Eco Tour Plus is the flagship of the Interstate program, Made in Taiwan and providing the best ride!
  • Unique fuel saving compound with ISST noise technology
  • Patented sidewall construction improve
  • Low noise treadpattern with outstanding grip in wet conditions

Interstate SPORT SUV GT

  • The European high performance SUV tyre for Modern SUV and CUV’s
  • The design and unique compound provides superior traction and handling on dry and wet
  • Double steel jointless belt construction provides long lasting wear and uniformity
  • Large circumferential ribs provides stability
  • Alternating phase shifted tread bars reduce nosie

Interstate TRACER A/T

  • The Tracer A/T is a All Terrain tyre for SUV’s and Pick-ups. Resilient symmetrical tread blocks are designed to maximize traction
  • Superb handling in all on- and off-road situations
  • Extremely durable casing with reinforced sidewalls and extra rigid steel belts
  • Low noise even at high speeds
  • High precision on-road response and directional stability

Interstate TRACER A/T

  • Unique street legal racing tyre, perfect for track days.
  • IST Compound Tread: this intermediate tread pattern provides the best combination of grip and endurance for competitive handling and performance during wet and dry conditions.
  • Semi Slick Shoulder: the unique shoulder design enhances the steering response and provides maximum grip during cornering.
  • V-shaped Tread Design: unidirectional V-shaped tread design with a continious center tread to provide the best mix of rubber wet conditions.
  • Stiff Bead Construction; The Stiff Interstate Competition (SIC) bead construction helps to prevent sidewall distortion during greater lataral and accelaration forces.
  • Comes with EU tyre label
  • Available in 80-compound and 120-compound